Tuesday, August 23, 2016

End of Summer/Beginning of School

On Monday the 15th, the kids and I ran at the track on base and then went to the baseball diamond to bat some balls around.

Despite me telling her to stay back, Moriah forgot after a couple swings and Keenan whacked her right in the head with the batt!    Within Seconds, this huge knot had formed!

Poor kid!

She was so tough though, and (after we got some ice at Quick Trip) still opted to go to the park on the way home! 

Our sweet friend, Lindsay, stopped by to bring her a special gift =)   Thankfully, it healed up very well and is almost gone now!

We love Lindsay!

On Wednesday, we had a "soft start" back to school:

 We surprised the kids with breakfast at Jimmy's Egg
(Philip left before us and surprised the kids in our booth!)

 Let's do this!

My class of 16-17

On Thursday, we spent most of the day with our friends, the Robertsons.   They have a house in the country and the Best property!   They have a pond, a swing, a cool new bridge, 3 dogs, chickens, ducks, a play set and tons of room to run and play!

 Having lunch on their awesome bridge!

 Smiley on the swing

The kids had a Great time together and Suzanne and I got in some much needed catching up!

We got Icees for the kids before parting ways

On Friday afternoon, we brought three of our Ugandan friends, Gabriel (18), Patricia(16)  and Michael (14) here to swim and have dinner:

 Patricia and Moriah are great buds!!

 So funny!

 The whole group

 Caleb flying high with Patricia

Haha!   They took turns trying to "run on the water"
Michael was pretty good at it!

 Gabriel and Michael played Ticket to Ride with Keenan and I

 Perler bead creations

Saturday morning I drove all six kids to a Back to School drive where they got free backpacks and school supplies and lunch.

That afternoon I took a few photos for a friend who was revealing to her Mom and MIL (right before her daughter's first birthday party) that baby #2 was on the way!

 After realizing what Graciana's shirt says...

"ONE Awesome Big Sis"

Saturday evening, Philip and I went out and the kids did Parents Night Out at the Y (swimming, pizza, crafts, gymnastics from 5:30-9:30).    We had a great evening, checking out 15 miles of bike trails around the city!   We had dinner at Wendy's part way through.

 Action shot =)

 We saw a deer just as we were reaching the end!

Thanks for the fun ride, Babe!

On Monday, (after taking the three oldest to the dentist),since we couldn't fit all the kids in the van at once the first time, we brought the three younger ones, Justus (9), John (7) and Roger (almost 4) here to play at the park and have lunch:

 A few days ago at their house:
Michael, Bahati, Moriah and John

 All the kids at the top of the rope net at the park

Moriah and John spinning

Lunch time!
All American food (mac'n'cheese, chicken nuggets, veggies, fruit and ice cream) =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fun with the Pennys

We have done some fun stuff with the Pennys lately!

Devin and Melissa told us about a rock climbing event for homeschoolers at Bliss Bouldering.   It was awesome!   Each of the kids got to do 6 or 7 climbs for Free!

Caleb on the little kid's wall

Wow, Riah!

The two littlest dudes =)

Moriah's favorite climb

Keenan and Jade

Caleb on the free climbing wall

Go, Keenan!

Awesome climbing, Moriah!

Keenan and Eden at the top

Lunch at a nearby park after

A couple days later, we took the kids to a new park that we call Castle Park - it's amazing!

Super fun!

Such great friends!   We love these kids!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Rock River Rapids

On Friday morning, we watched the kid's friends, Moriah and Charlie for a few hours.

Moriah and Caleb being super heroes

When Michaela picked up her kids, she took our Moriah and Caleb with them to the zoo for a few hours...

Moriah, Caleb and Moriah in front of the elephant exhibit

Keenan and I got some time to hang on our own (a rarity), so we had lunch, watched an episode of his favorite show and then went for a six mile bike ride!  

We stopped at Quick Trip on the way back to cool off =)

After lunch, we headed to a small water park in Derby called Rock River Rapids.   The kids did the summer reading program at the Derby library and part of their prizes was tickets to RRR, so we all got in for free!   Way to go, Keenan and Moriah!!

Anxious to get at it!

Philip was working on base this weekend, so I was on my own, and it was a bit of a challenge keeping tabs on all three, but we managed and had a lot of fun!

This is where Caleb hung out mostly

Having a blast!

Keenan jumping off the high dive!

Splashing up the wheelchair ramp

So fun to catch both kids on the climbing walls at the same time!

Moriah did it a bunch of times!

Happy sibs

Moriah and Caleb are both still too short to do any of the slides, but Keenan can ride all of them

Ready to do the lazy river
(I was hoping to be able to take both kids at the same time, but could only take one, so Keenan watched Caleb while Moriah and I went and then I switched kids.

Livin' the life

Keenan's favorite slide.   He rode it 24 times!

Silly boys at dinner that night

Haha!   I think this is so funny!